Radha and Krishna Rejoice

Radha and Krishna Rejoice
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Accompanied by friends, Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha rejoice together. Devendra Kumar Jha portrays the divine couple in a colorful and detailed Madhubani painting. Depicted in blue, Krishna manifests his "cloud complexion."

Mithila (in Bihar) is a scholastic and cultural center in India that traces its lineage of arts from epic times. Mithila paintings – alternately called Madhubani paintings – are a folk tradition in northern Bihar. Artisans depict traditional designs and events from mythology on the floors and walls of their houses using crushed wet rice and natural colours. Today Mithila paintings are drawn on a canvas of hand-made paper or pure mulberry silk fabric using natural colors and fabric dyes. Brushes, sharpened reeds and pen nibs are used.

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